GICO’S 50 YEARS: The 1980s

11 June 2021

As we mentioned in our last blog post, in the 1970s a momentous transformation came about in the food service trade, with kitchen equipment becoming available to everyone, going from a privilege of the aristocracy to a democratic resource for all.  On the other hand, the fantastic 1980s marked the advent of technology in the kitchen.



In the 80s, companies installed the first computers, IBM management software and the first automatic machines. At the beginning of the decade, GICO, a pioneer in the industry, also acquired its first automatic cutting and punching line produced by the renowned Italian manufacturer Salvagnini Spa. This line was even then used to run processing in CAD-CAM mode.

Thanks to this latest generation machinery that could produce large numbers of modules, including small ones, and to meet growing market demand, GICO created its 60 Europa series.

The line had all the characteristics of the professional kitchen, complete with all its functions, but ‘concentrated’, i.e. with smaller dimensions than other kitchens. The equipment in the 60 series was everything needed by the new small food businesses that served the much-publicised Milan cocktail crowd of the period (‘Milano da bere’).



Another feature of the 80s was Nouvelle Cuisine, which became popular in Italy at the time.  This innovative style proposed low-fat dishes, cooked mainly in the oven, steamed or using other special methods.  At that same time, following the French doctrine, Maestro Gualtiero Marchesi achieved three Michelin stars, a milestone in the story of Italian food and wine. 

Marchesi’s culinary ‘school’ is still alive in the choice of some chefs’ methods for producing dishes or cooking certain ingredients. Alessandro Panichi of Villa Aretusi gave us an example with his decision to cook his risottos using a GICO solid top.

As a direct consequence of this new culinary wave, GICO studied and produced innovative appliances, perfect for all cooking needs; unconventional equipment with which to cook food in many different ways. 

In 1982, GICO launched its first range of steam and mixed ovens, with which to cook different types of food simultaneously, without mixing flavours and taste and keeping intact the colour, organoleptic and nutritional properties of each ingredient. 

In doing this, we made way for new cooking methods and instruments, a demonstration of how far ahead our company was at the time, with both horizontal and vertical cooking appliances.

Come with us on our journey through GICO’s first 50 years.  The next chapter will take us through the 1990s.  Learn more from our blog.

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