The design of a starred kitchen and the historic, cultural inspiration of a place like the Vittoriale come together in the kitchen of Ristorante Peter Brunel.

04 June 2021

When he opened the restaurant carrying his name at Arco, Trento, in 2019, chef Peter Brunel chose GICO for a complex interior design project that involved not only the layout of the kitchen equipment, but also the design of the entire area, which was planned with the aid of our area dealer, Borz Cucine Industriali. 

Today the restaurant boasts one Michelin star, awarded in November 2020 and received during the presentation of the Michelin Guide 2021, the year of its nomination as ‘Restaurant of the Year’ by the Gambero Rosso guide to Italy’s Restaurants.

Chef Brunel has always had a passion for art and this led him to channel his passion into the dining room and kitchen of his new restaurant.


To this the chef added a precise specification.  He wanted his new restaurant kitchen to take inspiration from the kitchen of the Vittoriale, the historic residence of Gabriele D’Annunzio at Gardone Riviera. 

<<I chose to copy the layout of the Vittoriale kitchen because I consider it highly functional >>. Brunel immediately imagined a kitchen with a large central cooking suite, lots of space and a practical, visible pantry.  <<Our floor, like that of the historic residence, has a black and white chequered pattern that brings joy to the environment.>>

This important interior design project pays homage to art and design and brings together history and modernity, where the appearance of the equipment plays an essential role.  However, it’s not just the top quality finish and full customisation of the appliances that convinced chef Brunel to choose GICO.

With the aid of our dealer Borz, we designed a modern kitchen that replicates the style of the Vittoriale kitchen, and the appliances boast the most advanced technology to provide excellent performance.  In this kitchen, the chef is free to express his ideas for cuisine that combines tradition, modernity and reminiscences.

The MIA cooking suite chosen by chef Brunel is designed exclusively with induction cooking systems that include a bratt pan, practical hot plates (both fry top and solid top), and a wok for rapid cooking. 


A precise choice, in line with the chef’s ideas, because <<gas does not give impeccable control over your cooking, but induction does>>.  Control and respect for raw materials feature in a concept of cuisine that enhances every ingredient in the dish, following a sustainable, waste-free philosophy. 

A philosophy that we at GICO have always adopted, providing equipment that also reduces the energy consumption of professional kitchens.


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