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15 March 2022

The catering industry is constantly evolving and trying to keep up with what can be defined as the main trends in the field, which change from one year to the next. These trends stem from new contemporary needs, with an eye to the future, from the ever-changing tastes of consumers, and from a strong focus on respecting the environment and taking care of one’s health

But what are the new culinary trends of 2022? 

First of all, the food supply chain is getting shorter: ingredients now tend to be more local, slow cooked, locally sourced… and homegrown. On the one hand, consumers are eager to play their part in slowing down the reckless trade in raw materials, which inevitably causes more pollution and, on the other hand, they are assured of the fact that each ingredient is thoroughly checked. 

The menus of fine dining restaurants now include ingredients that were once considered poor and forgotten species, which have been brought back, in an effort to reduce food waste and with a view to achieving a more sustainable approach to cooking. Sustainability is all the rage these days, which is why fish such as dolphinfish and sand steenbras, for example, are slowly making a comeback, to the detriment of bluefin tuna, which is overly popular and overused. 

While great attention is being paid to serving dishes made with “green” and “local” ingredients, consumers are also becoming increasingly aware of and attentive to the way dishes are made. Because taste is important, but so is health!  In fact, it is of the essence in modern cuisine. The fact that Italian culinary tradition is world famous is a source of pride for us, which is why we need to support it and talk about it proudly, while making sure to always preserve its nutritional values and authentic flavours, which largely have to do with selecting the finest products.

How to do this? By using cutting-edge kitchen equipment of the highest quality, with cooking systems suitable for all ingredients and preparations. In addition to being one of the key requirements for kitchens that strive for excellence, this is also the mission which, every day, inspires GICO to create custom projects for chefs all around the world. 

Functional technologies that address the actual needs of professionals and entrepreneurs, aimed at improving not only the quality of dishes, but also life in the kitchen. This is precisely what GICO has set out to do, and it was able to achieve this goal thanks to decades of experience, and especially by exchanging ideas with those who operate in the industry on a daily basis and scrupulously seek to deliver the highest level of performance to ensure customer satisfaction. 

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