GICO for CHIC 2019: the first stage of IN THE KITCHEN TOUR!

11 June 2019

CHIC’s In The Kitchen Tour officially restarted: the first stage took place on May 28th in Parma, guests of the Al Vedel restaurant in Colorno for a great start to the season.


At the start In The Kitchen Tour 2019 organized by CHIC – Charming Italian Chef, the association that brings together the best chefs of haute cuisine who propose a creative cuisine, respecting the raw materials of which our country is rich.


The tour follows the formula tested over the years, a touring route among some of the most beautiful restaurants in Italy where the chefs meet in BtoB meetings for a day of culinary jam session, improvising gourmet dishes with the raw materials made available by the participating companies.


To open 2019 was, on Tuesday 28th May, the Al Vedel restaurant in Colorno (Parma), a reference point for the entire Emilia food service sector, at the home of CHIC member Enrico Bergonzi.

“I am very pleased to host the association’s colleagues, let everyone know about our family reality and share a day dedicated to haute cuisine and great creativity – says chef Bergonzi – These events are always a great opportunity to bring together the great family of CHIC, in an informal environment and of great stimulus for the work of us restaurateurs, often closed within the walls of our kitchen.”

To do the honors along with Chef Patron Enrico Bergonzi there were the fellow CHIC members of Parma Davide Censi of the Trattoria Antichi Sapori and Terry Giacomello of the Inkiostro Restaurant.

With them, 40 chefs, pizza makers, pastry chefs and ice cream makers, committed to discovering, inventing and cooking their recipe guided by the inspiration of the moment and supported by GICO technologies.

At the end of the day, the Al Vedel restaurant hosted a 10-hand dinner dedicated to the Water Routes, a journey to discover the flavors of the sea, river and lake: after an aperitif with finger food prepared by all chef, dinner continued with a menu dedicated entirely to fresh and salt water fish.
The protagonists? The Resident Chef Enrico Bergonzi, Davide Censi of the Trattoria Antichi Sapori, Leandro Luppi of the Vecchia Malcesine Restaurant, Terry Giacomello of the Inkiostro Restaurant and Giorgio Servetto of the Ristorante Nove.

The GICO kitchens as a stage for the five chefs who have created an entire menu dedicated to water cooking in the dining room in front of the diners.

GICO is happy to support the association again this year and renews the appointment on Monday 1st July at the O ‘Fiore Mio pizzeria in Faenza.


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