GICO for CHIC: in the centre of Monferrato

07 October 2019

On Wednesday 11th Septemberthe fourth meeting of In The Kitchen Tour took place in Piedmont. As usual, the event was organized by CHIC – Charming Italian Chef, the association that brings together the best chefs of haute cuisine and food companies of excellence. This event took place in the wonderful setting of Cascina Faletta 1881 in Monferrato, a farmstead built at the end of ‘800.

Theresident chef Paolo Viviani welcomed his guests and opened the appointment focused on debates, knowledge and a taste itinerary of the excellent Piedmontese food and wine and its influences.

More than 20 chefs and pizza chefsworked using GICO kitchens improvising gourmet dishes cooked using the ingredients given by the participating companies.

“We are very glad to host this edition. It’s an experience that gives us the opportunity to meet new realities.Food is a powerful means of communication that connects people and make them smile“, Elena Novarino, Cascina Faletta owner, declared. “It is really motivating working with other chefs side by side and the results are always impressive“, said Viviani.

GICO shares these principles and cooperates with professionals in order to grow, evolve and progress.

At the end of the day, the restaurant I Castagni in Vigevano hosted a 6-hand-border dinner, during which chef Paolo Viviani, Umberto De Martino – Ristorante Florian Maison in San Paolo D’Argon – and Enrico Gerli – Ristorante I Castagni di Vigevano – cooked together. Each course was aim at discovering the chefs’ cuisine.

Mozzarella di bufala fondue, roasted red shrimps, candied lemon and sea urchin emulsion
(Umberto De Martino)

Agnolotti al Plin stuffed with rabbit, little squids, olive flowers, chickpeas and pepper and caper powder
(Paolo Viviani)

Roasted duck breast, beetroot and red fruits
(Umberto De Martino)

La Nocciola: Praline mousse, shortbread, nut and gianduia ice-cream
(Enrico Gerli)


The event represented a new occasion for a mutual cultural exchange, already thinking about the next stop.


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