GICO’s Friends: la presentazione della Guida Michelin 2021

25 November 2020

Parma, Wednesday 25 November 2020.

In such an unprecedented time for the restaurant industry, this year’s gathering of the ‘stars’ of Italy’s culinary scene has a special flavour: today the official presentation of the Michelin Guide 2021 took place via streaming. An award ceremony watched live by thousands of people who saw the unveiling of the very best gourmet routes in 2021.

Our congratulations to all the chefs who received an award. We understand how many difficulties and how much hard work is involved in achieving this recognition. We are truly delighted to see that awards have gone to two chefs who are our friends and clients:

• Rocco De Santis: 2 Michelin Stars – Ristorante Santa Elisabetta, Florence

• Peter Brunel: 1 Michelin Star – Ristorante Gourmet, Arco di Trento

Both have a Gico kitchen, but with very different philosophies and appliances. They told us all about them in two very interesting video interviews:

Interview at Chef De Santis

Interview at Chef Brunel

Chefs Paolo Griffa from Ristorante Petit Royal, Courmayeur, Domenico Candela from Ristorante George’s, Naples and Stefano Masanti from Cantinone, Madesimo all had their Michelin stars reconfirmed. Our sincerest congratulations to them!

Side by side with some of the greatest restaurants for half a century, it is a great honour to know that our kitchens make the work of our chefs and their teams easy and efficient so that they can bring their culinary visions to life with commitment and passion. We are happier than ever to support them on a daily basis in achieving prestigious goals and results such as those granted by the Michelin Guide today.

The presentation also featured a theme close to the hearts of all of us at GICO: sustainability. A brand new addition to the 2021 guide is green stars: restaurants and chefs who have distinguished themselves for their commitment to reducing food waste, through environmentally-friendly use of local ingredients, with a summary of the sustainable projects of important Italian ‘green’ chefs like Massimo Bottura, Norbert Niederkofler and Davide Oldani.

The annual Michelin Guide event announcing the best restaurants for 2021 also served as a reminder never to give up, by sharing a positive message that will unite the Italian restaurant scene from north to south.

Chef Rocco de Santis - Michelin 2021

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