IN THE KITCHEN TOUR 2019 ends in Umbria

11 December 2019

Seventh and last stage of the BtoB tour of the CHIC Association. Tuesday 3rdof December IN THE KITCHEN TOUR 2019 arrives in Montone (PG) at the Hotel Fortebraccio. The CHIC member Giancarlo Polito, chef at the La Locanda del Capitano Restaurant, welcomes the event.

In the past, Montone had already hosted a stage of the CHIC tour, today CHIC association decides to return to this wonderful scenery and to the dedicate the appointment to Oil and Truffle, two cornstones of culinary tradition of Umbria.

As always Chefs, pizza Chefs, bakers and ice cream artisans were the protagonists of this culinary jam session. They have chosen among all available type of truffle depending on perfume intensity and its persistency.

Under the guidance of chef Giancarlo Polito of La Locanda del Capitano, CHIC chefs have improvised creative dishes thanks to GICO equipment and have enjoyed testing techniques, tastes, aromas and textures.

Thereafter took place a great gala dinner, which was dedicated to the extra virgin olive oil DOP of Umbria collected in 2020 and to the prized truffle: Green Gold and White Gold. The meal began with a selection of finger food prepared by the two CHIC members of the region: Giancarlo Polito, Chef of La Locanda del Capitano di Montone and Armando Beneduce of Nascostoposto of Terni. Next, an 8-handed menu signed by Giancarlo Polito, Ivano Ricchebono of The Cook, starred restaurant in Genoa, Fabrizio Sepe from Le Tre Zucche in Rome and Antonio Zaccardi from the starred restaurant Pashà restaurant in Conversano (BA).

This event concludes IN THE KITCHEN TOUR 2019. From Courmayeur to Umbria, we crossed Italy from north to south throughout the seasons. It was an intense journey of discovery, sharing and research in a culinary Italy, which was abundant of surprises.

Proud of having accompanied the CHIC association with our equipment along the way. Together in the name of enhancing our gastronomic heritage and the authentic value of Made in Italy. Together to concretely address the issue of sustainability and an ethical and transparent cuisine.



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