Open-air Cooking-show for Spessore Campo Base

01 July 2019

From June 18th to 21st fifty Chefs met in Torriana and took part to four nights of culinary improvisation.
Get in the game was the main goal of all participants, GICO included!
The savage natural stony scenario of Il Giardino delle Pietre recuperate of Torriana hosted the 7th edition of Spessore Campo Base, which has been defined as a “praise to the independent cooking”.
Fausto Fratti, the creator of this contest and historical key-player of Osteria del Povero Diavolo, decided to organize the competition open-air for the first time. Together with him, Pier Giorgio Parini and Gianluca Gorini were directing the kitchens.
During each day Italian Chefs from North to South were creating menus by improvising with available ingredients. Just to mention few participants: Antonia Klugmann, Corrado Assenza, Eugenio Boer, Yoji Tokuyoshi, Diego Rossi, Alberto Gipponi. GICO was their reliable companion during the whole cooking event.
These four night of good food, good wine and fun had a great success with the public. Spessore could not have chosen a better way to welcome and celebrate Summer.
GICO is honored to have had the chance to assist all Chefs with its technology and quality!





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