With a solid and resistant structure, modular equipment allows for total freedom of composition, for excellent cooking performance. 

Modular kitchen
Create a kitchen that suits your needs
Prodotti Modulare

More than 1,000 models divided into 15 equipment families, available on worktops, on open cabinets or with doors, and on static, convection or mixed ovens.

Fryers, Pasta cookers, Open burner gas ranges, Solid top gas ranges, Electric ranges, Glass-ceramic ranges, Gas and electric griddles, Vaporfire grills, Lava rock charbroilers, Chips warmers, Bain-marie, Bratt pans, Boiling pans, Neutral elements and Drop-in sinks.

Equipment with depths of 70, 90, 100, 110, 55 cm.  For widths of 40-80-120 cm.

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