Safety First: accidents in the kitchen and how to avoid them

04 May 2021

Every year in Italy there are over 500 thousand more or less serious accidents and injuries in the workplace. The problem influences working life, especially in places where the risk is high, such as commercial kitchens. For this reason, for 50 years GICO has considered the safety of its equipment and those who use it fundamental.


2020, a very particular year, saw a reduction in the number of occupational injuries (13.6% less than the previous year, according to the Italian National Institute for Insurance Against Industrial Injuries (INAIL). Notwithstanding the decrease, due mainly to the period in which restaurants and bars had to stay closed, occupational injuries still exceed half a million per year.

In the first two months of 2021 the downward trend continued, with a drop of a further 14.4% against the same period in 2020. However, that is not enough, it is important that the workplace and kitchen help operators to work in complete safety.

Our commitment to reducing workplace accidents

We have always had at heart the safety of Chefs, kitchen staff and workers. This is our aim in studying, designing and planning equipment that not only guarantees performance, durability and strength, but is also extremely safe for operators, in order to reduce all possible accidents to a minimum.

Safety according to GICO

A commercial kitchen can be a trap full of all types of hazards.  Cuts, burns, knocks and falls are just some examples of the most frequent accidents.

We believe that a safe workplace helps operators to work better and be less stressed, and for this reason we dedicate our expertise at the design stage to tailor-made solutions and space and flow optimization, with the aim of facilitating work and reducing risks to a minimum.

Each of our products incorporates exclusive solutions that will ensure the safety of those who use them.  For example, our fryers are provided with a double well that prevents boiling oil from splashing out, causing burns or a slippery floor where people can fall and seriously hurt themselves.

In addition, all our equipment incorporates a special insulation system that guarantees safety and efficient performance, not forgetting careful attention to details, outstanding finishes and rounded corners to prevent as many types of traumas as possible.

All our machines have an IPX5 protection rate against water ingress, a fundamental aspect for safeguarding all their components when in operation and at the later cleaning stage.

Bespoke layout and safety in the kitchen

Another essential aspect for us is the kitchen layout: proper arrangement of the elements and workflow optimisation go hand in hand with safety and the reduction of all kinds of risks.

Our constant commitment, together with technical and design know-how, provide our customers with a guarantee of quality for products featuring good looks and functionality, with excellent performance and durability, and careful attention to safety.

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Safety First - La sicurezza secondo GICO

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