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08 March 2021

We design the perfect kitchen for every restaurant

With its 50 years’ operation and experience in the world of professional kitchens (Kitchen Solutions), GICO is the ideal partner for designing and manufacturing complete kitchens, which can be entirely customised to cater for the chef’s food philosophy and the proprietor’s business vision.

Each of our projects is designed to meet the chef’s needs and desires and optimise the space available, up to the last centimetre.  We build the entire project together with our clients, placing at their disposal the expertise of a company that has always produced equipment and kitchens for all kinds of solutions and operators.

5*L hotels hosting a number of catering points. Gourmet restaurants, including one inside a historic Florentine palazzo.  One of the most famous prestigious brands of Italian haute cuisine in the world. Eateries that produce hundreds of meals a day.  Restaurants where the most modern technologies are essential.

These are places where quality and performance are all important. Our aim is to provide each one with a unique, practical kitchen that’s totally safe and equipped with the best of technology.

Efficiency and Performance

The most renowned chefs and restaurateurs in Italy and abroad sing the praises of the efficiency of our kitchens. GICO kitchens are designed and planned to last over time and guarantee excellent performance.

Bespoke Layout

Taking into account architectural constraints, the space available for your kitchen and the restaurant’s catering format, we produce unique, customised projects, not just concerning the layout of the different elements, but also of the utilities.

Aesthetic and functional Customisation

Every detail of our projects can be customised: layout and arrangement of the elements, colours for exteriors, a wide range of accessories and made to measure designer elements. Clients can choose their kitchen and assist in its creation.

Installation and Direct After-Sale Service

Our efficient customer service is by the client’s side throughout each stage of the project. From the feasibility study to manufacture. From installation to after-sales.

Reduced Consumption and Energy Savings

GICO kitchens are carefully studied to optimise and reduce energy consumption when in use, without forgoing the high performance of each appliance. The electric versions of our solutions are connected to innovative technological systems (optimizers), reducing consumption by one of the highest rates on the market and slashing waste. This translates into saving time and energy, and therefore money.

These are the keywords that guide us when creating your perfect kitchen.

A kitchen just for you.

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