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For almost half a century we have been accompanying the chefs of the world in the evolution of haute cuisine thanks to professional tailored kitchens, with high performance and guaranteed reliability. Continuously looking for cutting-edge solutions for cooking, preparing and storing food, with attention to sustainable technologies that ensure significant energy savings.

"To every chef
his GICO kitchen"
"Energy saving and kitchen duration from 20 to 30 years.
GICO is an investment for the future! "
"Improving the work environment
to improve the quality of life
in the kitchen"


A complete range for your kitchen of innovative design solutions, the result of a constant technological improvement process over time. We work to offer equipment with guaranteed durability, stable, solid and robust that maintain the highest standards of reliability, efficiency and energy savings.

The custom kitchen designed according to the chef's needs, completely customizable.
MODULAR EQUIPMENTSolid and resistant structure, the modular appliances guarantee maximum combinability for large cooking performances.
An innovative design for an oven that contains various functions, simple controls and intuitive symbols, even in the most advanced versions.
COMPLEMENTARY EQUIPMENTA complete service for a "turnkey" system. Enrich your kitchen with the best equipment for a comfortable and safe working environment.

Gico for you

GICO provides the skills acquired in 50 years of experience in order to offer various services that accompany the customer from the design of the kitchen to the assistance after the purchase, also offering demonstrations and refresher courses.

Layout of the kitchen environment with plan view, 3D view and technical legend. Cooking demonstrations, refresher courses and cooking tests.
At your side during the installation process, we guarantee technical assistance even after delivery.
Endless customization possibilities, we study the optimal layout for the organization of your spaces.


The best kitchens in the world talk about us


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GICO and CHIC: the fifth meeting arrives in the Dolomites
The new meeting of In The Kitchen Tour, the BtoB tour organized by CHIC - Charming Italian Chef. The fifth stop took place on September 24th in Bolzano, at the restaurant In Viaggio – Tree Brasserie, home of Claudio Melis. For two years Claudio Melis has been CHIC associate and member of the technical committee of CHIC RESPECT, […]
GICO for CHIC: in the centre of Monferrato
On Wednesday 11th Septemberthe fourth meeting of In The Kitchen Tour took place in Piedmont. As usual, the event was organized by CHIC - Charming Italian Chef, the association that brings together the best chefs of haute cuisine and food companies of excellence. This event took place in the wonderful setting of Cascina Faletta 1881 in Monferrato, […]
In the Kitchen Tour: Golf and Cuisine meet in Tarvisio
On Monday 22nd July the third and last appoint before summer holidays of In the kitchen tour took place in Tarvisio, home of chef Ilija Pejic. Set of this event was the Ilija Golf Club Restaurant, which was opened in 2007 by Ilija Pejic at the Tarvisio Golf Club. Useless to say that the place […]
CHIC stops by ‘O Fiore Mio HUB in Faenza
On July 1st In The Kitchen Tour stops in Faenza for the annual CHIC event. 40 Chefs, Bread-makers and Pizza-maker improvised and cooked with different doughs.   Every year the B2B tour CHIC – Charming Italian Chef devotes an appointment to Pizza, that round dough more and more present in haute cousine. During this last edition Pizza had a […]


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