For 50 years together with the chefs of the world in the evolution of haute cuisine


Pioneers in the world of professional kitchens since 1971.

Luigi Ongaro created GICO in 1971, after having founded other important companies in the world of large structures. A man of great ability and moral integrity, he soon won the trust of customers, both in Italy and abroad, who appreciated the quality and strength of the product. Already in the early years the company boasts installations in prestigious venues such as the kitchens of the Vatican, the Kremlin, the allowances of Coca-Cola, Fiat in Poland, Vodafone in Portugal and many other important locations in the world.

The company is also avant-garde regarding safety and quality. Since 1992 some lines have been CE marked and in 1996 GICO acquires the ISO 9001 quality certification.

From 2004 the management goes to the two daughters: today, a young and dynamic team makes GICO an attentive reality to innovation in energy efficiency, design and solutions that improve hygiene and safety, with the strength of almost 50 years of presence in the professional kitchens sector.

Today like yesterday every product that leaves the company brings with it the same strength and passion. And the aim has not changed: to facilitate and protect the work of chefs and brigades from around the world.


“Improving the work environment to improve the quality of life in the kitchen”

A safe, reliable and technologically advanced environment is what facilitates the work of the great chefs of haute cuisine.

GICO, thanks to the daily comparison with those who work in this sector every day, ensures functional technologies for the true needs of the professional. This is our mission, to improve the quality of life in the kitchen, evolving the techniques with changing needs.


For the chef who is looking for something unique, we want to offer the possibility of creating a work environment tailored to the millimeter.

Our professionalism is put at the service of those who are not satisfied with limiting their creativity to the equipment they have available, but dream of a kitchen that allows them to free their ideas and at the same time work in total safety and practicality.


To every chef his GICO kitchen