08 March 2024

The high standard, guarantee and safety provided by companies such as GICO is, indeed, demonstrated by the experience that cooks and restaurateurs worldwide can always have with new cutting-edge products offered by companies in the SOMEC Group, and much more. Alongside this, is the invaluable know-how of those who have been developing and improving, for over 50 years, the best professional kitchen solutions for those who seek them.

The ISO 9001 standard officially acknowledges GICO as being in possession of an internationally recognised reference standard for quality management. And GICO has just renewed this important international certification! It is only obtained by companies that are not only able to meet the need to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of in-company processes, but also deal with increasing competition in markets by improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The main purpose of this certification is precisely to achieve customer satisfaction regarding the products and services supplied, as well as ongoing improvement in company performance.

Day after day, GICO meets these requirements, guaranteeing its customers professional, tailor-made, state-of-the-art kitchens, which are focused on sustainability in terms of energy saving and on practicality for the cooks working in them.

Customisation, meticulous details, and much more. According to ISO 9001 certification, GICO also guarantees its presence and assistance at a later stage, helping restaurateurs whenever they need it.

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