Terms of Sale

Exclude all works or services not specifically mentioned.
These will only be accepted in writing. The order confirmation must be returned signed for acceptance within two working days from receipt.
The delivery date indicated in the order confirmation is only indicative and not binding. The delivery term shall however start from the date of receipt by us of the order confirmation signed by you for acceptance.
Standard packaging, in cardboard boxes or crates is included in the price. Other types of packing will be charged extra, at cost.



The goods sold in countries other than Italy are subject to retention of title in favour of the seller. The property will be transferred to the buyer only after the price has been fully paid. Until then, from the date of delivery onwards, the buyer shall nevertheless take on all risks regarding the purchased and sold goods, and shall also be liable for storing them correctly.

Ex-Works (Vazzola) Italy, from which point all risks concerning the goods shall pass to the consignee.
Advance payment is required for the following:
– initial deliveries;
– orders that exceed the credit limit;
– customers with overdue accounts;
– spare parts;
– supplies for values below 100,00 Euros.
Other methods of payment: to be agreed upon.
Interest shall be charged for payments made later than due date.

Requests for equipment different to the standard, as listed in the catalogues & price lists, must be accompanied by a detailed drawing, complete with dimensions and a technical description, as well as a deposit of 20%. Nonetheless we reserve the right to accept or decline any such orders.
The weights shown in our price list are indicative, net of packaging and complete with all standard accessories.
The warranty shall become effective from the date of delivery of the goods as specified in the shipping documents and shall cover, for 12 months, all the parts that are faulty due to manufacturing defects, except for electrical components, knobs, mobile or removable plastic parts, glass parts, external piping and any other accessories. The warranty shall not cover all parts that could be damaged during transport due to poor or incorrect installation, if the upstream water or gas flow rate is insufficient, due to electrical system faults, inadequate chimneys or drains, poor fuel quality, improper use of the equipment, tampering or, in any case, due to causes beyond the manufacturer’s control. Throughout the warranty period, we undertake to replace any parts that are found to be defective from the start, which must be returned to our factory in Vazzola (Ex Works). Any defective parts must always be returned with a proper shipping document in which you must specify the invoice number, the model and the serial number of the equipment to which the component refers. The warranty shall not cover labour costs for replacement or any other incidental expenses. The warranty shall only cover replacement of the defective component at no extra charge and shall not cover claims or demands for compensation of any kind.

For the catering systems supplied and installed, the 12-month warranty shall be effective from the date they are tested. Testing will have to be carried out within a maximum period of 18 months from the delivery of the last component installed, otherwise the warranty shall be void.

Eventual complaints must be made in writing, within eight days from receipt of the goods. Any eventual returns need prior written authorisation from the manufacturer.
Electrical voltages and current specifi cations different to those specifi ed in the price list will be quoted for, on request.
The manufacturer reserves the right to make any modifi cation that is deemed appropriate without prior notice and shall not be held responsible for any errors that may be found in this price list.
The Judicial Authority of Treviso – Italy shall have jurisdiction for any arising disputes.

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