19 February 2024

The new One&Only One Za’abeel in Dubai, the complex consisting of twin skyscraper towers joined by a 100-metre-high suspension bridge, is officially open. It is a real gem for the skyline of the futuristic city par excellence, a true benchmark for hospitality on a global scale.

The opening of One Za’abeel represents the beginning of one of the most interesting and pioneering hotels with luxury residences in the world. Included are corner suites designed for an immersive urban experience, beachfront villas and a 100-metre-high suspended boulevard, inspired by the bustling streets of New York and Hong Kong, with restaurants featuring some of the world’s best starred chefs.

And it is, indeed, the catering, in keeping with the entire complex, which is ready, functional and cutting-edge, reflecting the technical and technological innovation of one of the best examples of modern architecture. So, which company could guarantee the required standards other than GICO?

Reliability, efficiency and high performance: these are the qualities that have enabled Gico, a leading manufacturer of professional kitchens, to be chosen for over 50 years. This is not only due to the guaranteed quality of the products the company offers but also, and above all, to its role as a solid and reliable partner.

A total of 17 cooking suites have been installed during these years of getting the complex ready. They contribute to raising the level of the various food hubs located throughout the new hotel. All the systems are of the highest quality and tailor-made, therefore conceived and designed to suit the spaces of this revolutionary hotel in Dubai, while ensuring the highest standards of hygiene provided by the FUSION LINE version.

The systems are complete and complex, with gas and electric cooking hobs and worktop units in 30/10-thick steel, guaranteeing maximum strength and long-term durability.




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