MIA, the custom kitchen

The MIA monobloc is the maximum variation of the personalization, starting from a white sheet and creating a new product, a unique piece. A combination of design, ergonomics and safety adapted to the needs of the chef.

A concentration of craftsmanship and professionalism with a customizable design and functional ergonomics.

Extremely versatile, the MIA one-piece kitchen allows the insertion of ovens, hot and cold elements, optimizing space and performance: all in the name of quality and safety, a unique worktop, achievable on plinth, cantilever or columns, with open or closed compartments, with rounded corners that ensures maximum hygiene and ease of cleaning.


GICO spa
Grandi Impianti Cucine
Via IV Novembre, 81
31028 Vazzola, Treviso – Italy

Capitale Soc. Euro 750.000 int. vers.
R.E.A. n. 104767 – C.C.I.A.A. TV | Reg. lmpr. TV 00195610266
T +39.0438.4444
F +39 0438 444540