MIA, the custom-made kitchen

The MIA monobloc is the epitome of customisation: starting from a blank sheet of paper, we design a product from scratch, making it a unique piece. A blend of design, ergonomics, performance and safety, tailored to the chef’s needs.

Each MIA monobloc is one of a kind, just like the kitchen of a great performer, like an artist’s signature.

A high level of craftsmanship and professionalism combined with a customisable design and functional ergonomics.

Heating and cooling elements can be incorporated into the MIA monobloc kitchen, which is extremely versatile, thus optimising space and performance: everything is made with quality and safety in mind. A single worktop, with plinth, cantilevered or on columns, with open or closed compartments, or with rounded corners, ensuring utmost hygiene and easy cleaning.

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