GICO: Functionality and organization for fine dining

05 July 2023

An article in leading Italian financial newspaper IlSole24Ore has picked up and run with an issue raised by trade publications and industry experts from all across the fine-dining world: the fine-dining business model is not very sustainable.

When the prevailing culture between the kitchen and front of house is a “culture of excess“, when the number of staff and number of diners is out of balance (leaning more towards the former); when it takes too many people to prepare a dish; when the amount of time spent on research and preparation is forever growing.

When all these factors are in play, often all at the same time, the spotlight is turned on “business models, on the ability of owners to handle their business shrewdly and astutely”, to quote the newspaper in question. 

There are those in the industry who have been addressing these issues for some time now, endeavouring to ease the work burden of a restaurant as a whole, starting where else but with an efficient rearrangement of the kitchen. With its lengthy history going back over half a century, GICO has managed to take the top performance of its equipment and, above all, pack it into a single well-organized kitchen that best caters to the demands of the chef and their team. 

Tailor-made kitchens — which are fitted out with a variety of units laid out differently each time to meet the chef’s individual requirements and the actual needs that they deal with in the kitchen every day — successfully manage to make every aspect of the chefs’ job that much easier: from the way spaces function beautifully to the ease of movement and preparation, not to mention the ensuing improvements in working hours and time management

Attesting to this distinguishing trait of the GICO brand are the various chefs who have invested in a GICO kitchen themselves, not least some top names in the high-end restaurant scene, like Michelin-starred Paolo Griffa (Caffè Nazionale – Aosta) and Alfio Ghezzi (Senso al Mart – Rovereto), and other food service formats with which we have had the pleasure of forging a longstanding collaboration, something that we will be telling you more about soon.

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