08 September 2023

A’Riccione Restaurant, A’Riccione Bistrot, A’Riccione Terrazza 12 and Da’Berti. Four restaurants that the brothers Giuseppe and Dante Di Paolo have opened in the centre of Milan. The first three, specialised in enhancing the work of fishermen, bring seafood cuisine, the authentic kind, to the Milanese capital. The latest addition, on the other hand, Da’Berti, focuses on high-quality meat dishes! Four restaurants that share a precise philosophy: constant pursuit of the highest quality.

A competitive city, that of Milan, addressed with ability and awareness by the Di Paolo brothers, thanks also and above all to logistics and organisation management: “Management in the kitchen and the choice of the best instrumentation are the result of studies, commitment and much trial and error. We also had to take into account the different types of processing of the ingredients for our restaurants, from fish to meat. At Da’Berti, for example, we have everything on gas to achieve superior heating power”, explained Giuseppe Di Paolo, in telling us about the projects created for the 4 GICO kitchens.

Attention to the different needs of the individual restaurants, standardisation of processes to ensure timing and precision, but also high performance and, of course, not forgetting to keep an eye on energy saving. All these aspects can be implemented together only when assisted by an experienced partner with significant know-how. This is why the Di Paolo brothers relied on GICO.

After a search among different companies, we realised that GICO would have been able to provide us with the results we were hoping for. First of all, we had to optimise the kitchen and dining areas. That is why we conducted several studies depending on the type of restaurant: a different, customised kitchen for each restaurant”, explained Giuseppe Di Paolo.

A joint effort, between the owners and the company that has been specialising in professional kitchens for more than 50 years. “It was a long and meticulous job, but the result is what we hoped for: ad hoc kitchens, able to provide the best performance for each restaurant”. Added to this is the advantage of “having technicians always ready to support us, so not only in the conception and design stage, but also in the day-to-day work, a plus in supporting our attention and commitment to our customers”.

All of these details, from the choice of GICO to the design of the kitchens, are part of an interview by GICO with Giuseppe Di Paolo.


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