GICO x La Peca **, Lonigo (Vicenza)

02 September 2022

We met Chef Nicola Portinari, two Michelin stars and member of the important association Le Soste, directly at his restaurant in Lonigo (Vicenza).

La Peca Restaurant is an evocative place in the heart of the Berici Hills which has been conveying tradition for 35 years, from a personal and recognisable perspective. Started with the two brothers Nicola and Pierluigi’s intention to express the typical cuisine of the area, it is now an award-winning restaurant and a point of reference for Italian gastronomic tourism.

This cuisine is lightness, it’s the exaltation of raw materials and the reinterpretation of past dishes. A cuisine that finds a further boost in a young brigade, the one Nicola chose to surround himself with, and which is enhanced by the cellar, managed by Pierluigi Portinari, and by the service, curated by his wife Cinzia.

La Peca has been one of the best restaurants in Italy for decades now, a consistency that has been achieved over time also through the continuous desire to grow and evolve. The latest evolution is to be found right in the beating heart of the restaurant, where the cuisine is signed by GICO today, with the brand new H+ line.

It is wine and food journalist Marco Colognese who discovered, thanks to an exclusive interview, how Nicola Portinari’s talent and professionalism meet GICO’s new performance solutions and how this results in the perfect combination of efficiency, performance and ease of cleaning.

I chose the brand new H+ line. It is a project we have worked on a lot and I must admit that GICO has guided me through every phase of design and installation in the best possible way. GIGO fulfilled all my requests, not least that of keeping the burners, which are still essential to me, in the centre of the kitchen. It was a time-consuming job… but really worth it”, said Chef Nicola Portinari.

Watch the full interview.

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