Ristoranti A’Riccione, when your partner in the kitchen is a guarantee

02 August 2023

From those who are familiar with the sea, for those who are looking for the sea even in the heart of Milan. This is the ‘journey’ of A’ Riccione, the brand owned by the brothers Giuseppe and Dante Di Paolo, which now, in the Milanese capital, offers a tasteful and refined cuisine, making culinary experiences unique but never ordinary. 

This mission unfolds on the streets of Milan at four different restaurants. A’ Riccione Restaurant, A’ Riccione Bistrot and A’ Riccione Terrazza 12 are the first three restaurants owned by the Di Paolo brothers, who share a chain created as a result of the skilful work of fishermen, of those who “are familiar with the sea”. Da’Berti, the fourth restaurant and the latest, is specialised, instead, in meat.

The quality remains extremely high, guaranteeing top-notch dishes is an absolute must. The ingredients and their subsequent preparation are what changes. To ensure a standard of quality for both of these, the A’ Riccione brand decided to use a partner in the kitchen. One that could guarantee this consistency, facilitating the work of professionals at the stoves – also depending on guests’ demands – and making the best use of the spaces available at each restaurant.

So Giuseppe and Dante Di Paolo therefore chose GICO as their partner. “After a painstaking search, involving our connections and quotes, we decided that GICO could really help us achieve our pre-set goals,” commented Giuseppe Di Paolo in an interview with GICO, which will be shortly available.

It all began with an initial meeting at Host Milano: a long project phase followed, which, after various experiments and tests required to achieve the best outcome, led to the desired projects: the optimisation of spaces, inclusion of the most suitable equipment for each type of kitchen (for example, boost burners for meat) and, consequently, full customer satisfaction .


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