Kitchen design to avoid food waste

12 April 2021

A properly planned kitchen can help restaurateurs avoid food waste. GICO has studied kitchen workflow to optimise the preparation and production stages and assist Chefs and business people worldwide in saving resources.

A worldwide BBC survey carried out in 2019 revealed that 900 million tonnes of food are wasted every year. That means approximately 17% of the food we buy ends up in the waste bin. It’s a serious problem, not only from the spending point of view, but above all from the ethical and environmental point of view.

Food Waste in the Catering Trade

Avoiding food waste is the common aim of the entire supply chain, from producers to consumers. The Italian newspaper Repubblica confirms that in Italy food waste amounts to approximately 2 million tonnes a year.  The financial newspaper Sole 24 Ore reports the figures in the Food Sustainability Index showing that every Italian wastes an average of 65 kg of food every year: our national average exceeds the European one by seven kilos!

In recent years, some activities aimed at limiting waste have been introduced on a global scale, for example, donations to a food bank or other charities; the sale at reduced prices of produce unused at the end of the day, with the aid of innovative platforms that link supply and demand; or the use of ‘doggy bags’.  However, a 2019 Coldiretti survey found that only 33% of Italians (i.e. one in three) takes home what’s left after a restaurant meal.

The solutions so far have contributed to changing the situation by a meagre percentage.  We need to find better structured, more effective methods of improving things and considerably reduce the amount of food wasted.

That’s why we hope everyone in the food chain will do their bit: from producers to end consumers. That includes those who would not necessarily be considered, such as manufacturers of professional kitchen equipment.

Solving the Food Waste Issue

Over our 50 years of activity, we have assisted chefs and restaurateurs throughout the world to combat daily waste: of food, electricity and time.

By planning all the space at the heart of every food enterprise, we have helped our clients to optimise their kitchen workflow, organising the best way to store produce, prepare, cook and preserve food, as well as each individual phase in the chain.

Our kitchens are also designed and built to aid chefs and their teams by using the most modern and functional technologies.  For example:

• warming drawers, used either to keep dishes at the right temperature or for long, low temperature cooking, usually overnight, with low energy consumption, less shrinkage and no risk of burning the food.

• fryers featuring exclusive systems that guarantee crisp, dry fries, using less oil and increasing its useful life.

• high output open burners, and multi-purpose fry-tops with hotplates in compound (a high-performance material that ensures uniform cooking over the entire surface, easy cleaning and safety in use).

• refrigerated base units located under appliances so that ingredients are always to hand, without wasting raw materials and cooked food, and blast chillers which make it possible to increase preservation time for cooked or raw food.

We have always believed in the value of sustainability, linked to our daily work and our products, not only in order to reduce consumption, but also to save time and economic resources.

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