GICO cares about the environment: enhances new raw materials and focuses on keeping consumption low

16 May 2022

Sustainability, a short supply chain, zero waste: when combined, these elements become a necessary trend which – luckily – is increasingly popular among Italians: respecting our planet, especially in the kitchen.

A recent survey conducted by Censuswide, commissioned by HelloFresh, shows that, on average, one in two Italians (47%) intend to buy more seasonal and locally sourced food products in 2022. This study also highlights the fact that consumers are committed to changing their food shopping habits and how they manage food waste and consumption. In fact, 52% of those surveyed have taken a new approach to cooking aimed at reducing leftovers – as ANSA, i.e. the National Associated Press Agency, also explains in this article.

In this respect, by drawing on its know-how, GICO is able to provide comprehensive support: while restaurateurs who monitor consumer food trends are seeking and prefer to use healthier food and more locally sourced, seasonal ingredients, GICO makes it possible to enhance these ingredients by supplying high-performance equipment.

When it comes to innovative and more accurate cooking practices, GICO’s extensive range of products is designed to meet all requirements.

GICO’s highly trained staff is able to guide users in choosing the product best suited to their needs, and to assist Restaurateurs and Chefs with creating custom layouts. In fact, they work hard to design well-organised work environments that allow customers to save time and optimise waste.

GICO has always been environmentally friendly, and this is evident in the fact that its corporate processes are meticulously organised, which allows it to save time and, consequently, energy while minimising waste from processing and raw materials.

Another example of GICO’s tangible commitment to ensuring a low environmental impact is that its kitchens have the lowest CO2 emissions certified by approval bodies. 

Therefore, on the one hand, the company offers functional, user-friendly and straightforward equipment that meets all the needs of Chefs, making their work easier.

On the other hand, with its sustainable model, Gico offers exclusive solutions that have two advantages: excellent performance and reduced consumption, by using recyclable materials and equipment that ensure a long service life and consistent outstanding performance.


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