GICO’S 50 YEARS: The 1970s

17 May 2021

The 1970s saw the advent of Italian contemporary kitchens and the international kitchen, creating a momentous transformation that changed methods of working in restaurants forever.  That was when the GICO story began.

At the beginning of the 70s, household or semi-professional equipment gave way to professional equipment that performed much better and was able to handle large numbers and more elaborate preparations.

The aim and challenge of this change was to disseminate the culture of quality kitchens.  A kitchen no longer exclusively for ‘the chosen few’, but made more popular and affordable for everyone.

Our company, pioneer in the professional kitchen industry, joined this flow of changes and immediately distinguished itself for the production of customisable equipment with uncluttered lines and minimal, functional design. GICO was chosen by important entrepreneurs to install new kitchens and dining rooms that expressed the most modern concepts of the time.

In 1972 our first line of professional modular gas cookers was introduced.  The idea was uniquely innovative for the time, as it replaced domestic wood stoves and ranges.

In 1973, GICO designed and produced an extremely high performance appliance: a ‘gasoil cooker’, ideal for large-scale production, an indispensable appliance for company or school canteens, barracks and structured food service centres.

The first GICO self-service line was introduced in 1976. Every self-service structure was made up of a variable number of customisable modular elements, hot, cold or neutral according to the customer’s needs, with in-line flow, i.e. linked together in an unbroken line.  It was the most modern, functional equipment the market of those years could offer, extremely modular so that it was possible to achieve whatever performance was required, with the huge advantage of eliminating table service, which facilitated rapid food distribution.

This new line could also be provided with customised aesthetics through the application of pre-brushed stainless steel panels or coloured decorative panels, with coloured stove enamelled bands.  In this way, GICO equipment became a real design element for the interior decor of new food service businesses.

In its 50 years, GICO has always been one of the most important protagonists in international food service evolution and today continues to be a definite benchmark for the trade.

Since the 70s, our products featuring quality, performance, strength, painstaking details, and scrupulously designed aesthetics are renowned for their excellence on the professional food service market. GICO kitchen equipment has always been designed and planned so that operators can work in complete safety, and it is manufactured with details that facilitate cleaning at the end of the day.

Find out more details about food service in the 1980s and the following decades, keep following our blog.

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